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Happy, Active and Together

Our team of highly experienced, innovative teachers and health & fitness professional have teamed up to create the most fun school holiday programs possible! With an extensive list of Cooking Schools, Dodgeball, Fit Dance, Acting Classes & Boot Camps on offer all year round, there's something for every holidays! 

All lessons are fully customised to the dietary needs of your students.

All lessons are fully customised to the dietary needs of your students.

Cooking School

An interactive lesson on how to make delicious healthy dishes from all around the world. Choose your theme:

  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Healthy Desserts
  • Tastes of Vietnam *New!

Run time: 60 mins per 20 students

Cost: $18.50 *Discounts for large groups available

Boot Camps

A fun and exciting Boot Camp style fitness program that has been designed specifically for kids. Each session includes strength training, fitness games and high cardio super FUN fitness activities. Choose your length: 45mins, 60mins or 75mins.

Cost: $9.50- $15




Try your hand at the real Dodgeball, just like in the movies! We'll teach you the NADA rules and get extreme, running a mini tournament in your OSHC. We'll even bring prizes for the best and fairest players in the competition.

Run time: 90mins

Cost: $10 per student

Playful Plays

Improvisation, playwriting & performing are all part of this dramatic workshop. Work with a skilled director to learn the art of improvisation and then show off these new schools with an in-house performance!

Run Time: 60mins per group of 20 students

Cost: $10


Fit Dance

A fun and inclusive dance program teaching your students a combination of modern dance styles including hip hop and jazz. Students will love moving to their favourite tunes and will let out some serious energy grooving with their instructor!

Run Time: 60mins

Cost: $10